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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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"On the Docks" by Jean Paul Gaultier - Luxury Retail

Jean Paul Gaultier has commissioned a film to the wonderful fashion director Johnny Green

“On The Docks ” , the new fashion film by Jean Paul Gaultier comes scented with the fragrance of a key romantic epic , in which a handsome sailor – played by Jarrod Scott the Australian model – taking the city by assault – using the bow of his boat like a battering ram – in search of his burning desire in the form of the sexy Dutch model Rianne Ten Haken .

In this Fashion Story can see the arrival of a sailor in port, after a long journey , preparing to go to meet his beloved. Only the impulse of his heart is so strong that manages to do that , once reached port , the ship continued its advance through the streets of Paris, to a stop right outside the balcony of his beloved, who is already waiting . A somewhat sui generis version of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet .


The perfume Classique , the women ‘s fragrance is inspired by the scent of rice powder and wearing corset grandmother Jean Paul Gaultier. Two decades ago , when it was released , the designer said in a press conference that he had wanted to show that women could take control of certain instruments of seduction without being victims of male desire .
The new sensuality shown through that piece of lingerie into disuse , guarding one vanilla aroma fragrance was a cocktail that led to an explosive mixture when it was mixed , wisely , by Jean Baptiste Mondino with the bottle andthe body! a muscular sailor who called Le Male. Le Male is masculine fragrance was launched in 1995 and number one in sales in Europe for more than nine years in a row. Its formulation makes mint , lavender and vanilla scent assumed a revolution .

After asking the protagonists of this story which was to them the desire , Jarrod Scott said:

” Clearly, I prefer to be me who seduce . I think it is always better to take the initiative . I am a rather dominant.”

Rianne Ten Haken , meanwhile , said:

” For me , desire is something mysterious , something inexplicable . We never know for sure why they want or do not want. There is something magical and mysterious , something that we do not understand . It may be precisely this that makes it so fascinating.”