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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Moët & Chandon, the luxury of a bar "prêt-à-porter" - Luxury Retail

Moët & Chandon, the luxury of a bar “prêt-à-porter”

This summer, the stalwarts of the famous champagne Moët & Chandon are lucky

A gorgeous mini bar ready-to-wear that, when closed, it occupies a portmanteau of those who used to make Louis Vuitton.The result may be more suggestive!

The Moët Ice Impérial is the first champagne created to be served and enjoyed champagne hielo.También is solely intended to be personalized with the freshest summer ingredients like mint, lime rind, the vigor of tropical fruits such as mango or guava.

The luxury packaging bottle makes this a perfect gift when you attend a dinner or to give proof of affection to those who only drink good champagne.
To enjoy this delicious drink at any time of day, the producer maison proposes also the option of the famous mini bar ready-to-wear, so you never miss the Moët Ice Impérial in the coolest events summer season. A luxe experience not to be missed.