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Luxury Retail | May 21, 2024

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Mercedes-Maybach S600 - Luxury Retail

Mercedes-Maybach S600

The previous Maybachs were barely exceptional at launch and hopelessly outdated by the time they were discontinued, but this new car will sit on the bleeding edge of technology. Credit the bones of the current S-class, which is perhaps the best-equipped and most forward-looking luxury car on the planet. And any update made to the S-class, be it a telematics, powertrain, or autonomous-driving option, can immediately be fitted to the Mercedes-Maybach as well.

The Mercedes-Maybach S600

Fitted with the same 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 that powers the “regular” Mercedes-Benz S600, it makes 523 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque, and it viciously runs the car into an electronic governor at 155 mph. Acceleration to 62 mph is said to take five seconds flat. Other markets will be offered the Mercedes-Maybach in eight-cylinder S550 and six-cylinder S400 forms.

The most obvious thing the Maybach delivers is space—and plenty of it. The length and wheelbase have increased by 7.9 inches, all of which benefit the rear passengers. The aft compartment has much more legroom and a bit more headroom, and it offers what Daimler claims is the quietest back-seat experience in any production car. A full panoramic sunroof is standard, as are privacy shades for the rear glass, and while the S-class already features a best-in-class interior, the Mercedes-Maybach adds further details.

These include expansive and unique wraparound wood trim, Maybach logos on the C-pillar and embossed into the center armrests, an IWC-badged clock with individually milled numbers, chrome-plated speaker grilles, and fiber-optic ambient lighting. There’s also Burmester 3-D surround sound, tweeters in the rear doors that “spiral” toward passengers, and a pair of Robbe & Berking silver-plated champagne flutes. The rear seats both offer a full range of power adjustability—including a backrest that can be moved independently of the seat bottom—a massaging function, and powered calf supports. A footrest can be motored out of the front passenger seatback for sleeping or relaxing. Cooling and warming cup holders are available, as are articulated tables that unfold from the rear center console. The rear air “nozzles” are done in a wood finish. Put simply, the car is sumptuous without being garish.

Outside, the changes are similarly modest. The grille now features additional vertical chrome strips, the triangle window on the rear door of a conventional S-class has been moved to the C-pillar—thus shortening the doors and allowing occupants to hide behind the rearmost pillar—and the front and the rear views each receive additional chrome trim. Buyers can opt to make their Mercedes-Maybach S600 look very similar to a regular S600, or they can emphasize individuality with their choice of exclusive materials, colors, and wheels. The full suite of Mercedes safety systems is aboard, and the car is also fitted with seat-belt-mounted airbags.