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Luxury Retail | May 29, 2024

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Magnum Pop-Up Store London - Luxury Retail

Magnum Pop-Up Store London

Magnum’s 2016 ‘Design Your Own Magnum’ Pop-up Shop near Bond Street

The Magnum Pleasure Store will serve bespoke ice creams to visitors throughout the summer.


Decorated in signature Magnum style, the store is adorned with a series of images captured by iconic fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and starring supermodel, Kendall Jenner, to celebrate the launch of Magnum Double. The Magnum Release the Beast Photo Series captures times in Kendall’s own life where she threw caution to the wind and dared to indulge; just as visitors to the Magnum Pleasure Store will be invited to do.


A Personalised Magnum Experience

This year, Magnum invites you to visit the pop-up store and create a personalised version of your favourite Magnum flavour – Mint, Death By Chocolate, Almond, or White Almond – with a new limited-edition range of toppings! Made by well-known pastry chef, Danielle Postma of Moemas Patisserie, the toppings include ingredients like crumbed chocolate cupcake, mint shortcake, chocolate brownie and frosted rose petals, crushed almond praline and ginger biscotti, just to name a few!

Customers at the hotly anticipated summer pop up will enjoy a pleasure-packed experience where, to celebrate the launch of the Magnum Double range, they will be the first to try a double dipped Magnum with two layers of chocolate and a layer of sauce. Whether choosing a double or single dipped Magnum, customers will then be able to choose their own selection of tempting toppings to sprinkle over the setting chocolate. From black lava sea salt to rose petals, there are thousands of flavour combinations to choose from. Each individual creation will be perfected with a drizzle of chocolate and the finishing touch; a classic M coin decoration.

Opening on Wednesday 1st June, yu’ll be able to make your own Magnum by choosing the different elements – ice cream, chocolate, sprinkles – and then eat it, pausing only to Instagram the heck out of it.  This year they’ll be letting you do double-dipped ones – so two types of chocolate – for £4.50, the same price as before.  This has become a rather wonderful London summer tradition.