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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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Kaspia caviar, French and Russian dolls house - Luxury Retail

Kaspia caviar, French and Russian dolls house

The Parisian house Caviar Kaspia presents a new and unique collaboration with the house Capernet, Porcelain manufacturer of Limoges.

Caviar is a Russian tradition, it seemed obvious to home Caviar Kaspia to recall working with the House Capernet to imagine four caskets shaped Matriochkas (symbol family and fertility, I did not know it) Limoges porcelain. A rare and precious idea for New Year celebrations.

These Matriochkas become an original range of caviar display, 3 different sizes for caviar and last larger, housing a set vodka. It is a dreamlike journey to the heart of Russia, we propose the House Kaspia and Capernet. These beautiful dolls were designed by designer Georges Riu. They are adorned with black enamel, with fine gold and crimped with a clasp in gilt brass. Working for the height of a house having been awarded the “Living Heritage Company” in 2009.


These Matriochkas limited edition are sold exclusively in the Caviar Kaspia store in Paris, Place de la Madeleine. It will be up to you to choose between:
Alexandra (a 500g tin of caviar and vodka set)
Olga (caviar box 200 or 250g)
Tatiana (caviar box of 100 or 125g)
Anastasia (caviar box 30 or 50g)

By soblacktie