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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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"Jimmy Choo X You" - Luxury Retail

“Jimmy Choo X You”

Jimmy Choo partners with Swarovski for bespoke personalization service

When it comes to bespoke luxury and premium accessories, the one name to surely resonate in our minds is that of Jimmy Choo.

After adorning our wardrobes with a number of stunning pieces, the UK-based luxury label is now hitting us with a unique personalization service that allows connoisseurs to weave their own personal mark on the brand’s iconic accessories.

Introduced in collaboration with Swarovski, the one-of-its-kind customization service presents buyers a chance to create their very own personalized Jimmy Choo shoes and bags with the help of stunning Swarovski crystals of their choice.

Christened as ‘Jimmy Choo X You’, the unique service will offer several Bespoke options including sparkling letters, symbols and phrases to go over the brand’s accessories. To make the deal all the more exclusive, it will only be made available in selected stores around the world and this excludes the marquee’s widely-used online store.

As per reports, the exclusive Jimmy Choo X Swarovski personalization service will be offered in London’s New Bond Street store and Harrods outlet. Internationally speaking, Paris, Milan, Moscow, the US, China, Hong Kong and not forgetting Japan will be the designated locations wherein enthusiasts can avail the bespoke service to their liking.

Commenting on the launch of the ‘Jimmy Choo X You’, an executive in an official statement for the brand stated:

“Introducing our new personalization service featuring sparkling Swarovski crystal letters, symbols, and phrases, allowing you to create bespoke Jimmy Choo shoes and bags. It’s Choo, by you.”

By luxurylaunches