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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Hermès joins forces with Rolls-Royce

A Bespoke Phantom Oribe “MZ Oribe Green”

The French luxury house has teamed up with the British automaker for a special order.

Unique in the world, this creation is the result of an order from entrepreneur Yuzaku Maezawa. Just recently purchasing a private jet, the Japanese businessman wanted to pair it with an automotive version.

Thus was born the Bespoke Phantom Oribe, whose name echoes the collection of 16th century Oribe ceramics dear to Maezawa, a great lover of art. The dominant shade of the vehicle is besides a tailor-made green called “MZ Oribe Green” which directly echoes the hue of these antiques.

Rolls Royce Oribe

The interior of the car, handmade, gives pride of place to noble materials and games of textures with, in particular, an “Enea” leather nestled down to the smallest details: champagne cooler, interior compartment of the glove box, handles… All embellished with lambswool floor mats or armrests adorned with “H-Canvas”.

For this unique piece, Rolls-Royce has also designed a “Gallery”, materialized by a glass section located at the dashboard level. This space allows here to accommodate a walnut veneer embellished with two hand-painted horse heads inspired by the patterns imagined by the illustrator Pierre Péron for the silks of the house.

This “creative and technically demanding challenge”, as Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce puts it, is not the first application of Hermès know-how to the automotive sector. Among other collaborations and special editions, the Parisian label has been working in particular for several decades with the manufacturer Bugatti.

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