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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Floats mobile house - Luxury Retail

Floats mobile house

Dymitr malcew floats mobile house for calming water retreat.

Easily docked at a marina or pier, the ‘floating house’ by Dymitr Malcew is a mobile structure that can transported to different locations.

The project was based around the idea of minimally impacting its surroundings, while still offering an ‘out of the ordinary’ experience. Designed for paris-based developer h2orizon, specialists in floating structures, the unique retreat provides maximum visual connections to the landscape.

The interior rooms all have direct access to the terrace around its perimeter, enabling the outside world to blend in. the base is constructed of a buoyant platform that gently moves from place to place, while the roof is carried by a system of columns separated from a glass curtain wall. This solution allows for micro-movements caused by the uneven water surface the house sits on, and also penetrates high-levels of natural light into the calming space.