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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Ferrari Tribute Book - Luxury Retail

TASCHEN Unveils Incredible Ferrari Tribute Book Designed By Marc Newson

TASCHEN Reveals Ferrari Tribute Book in honor of the Italian automaker’s seven decades of greatness.

Ferrari gave premiere coffee table book publisher Taschen full access to its archives as well as those of some of its most avid collectors to create a 514-page masterpiece.

The Art Edition of the Ferrari Collector’s comes in an engine-inspired aluminum display case designed by Marc Newson, will retail at $6,000.
Australian born industrial designer Marc Newson designs the book in tribute to Ferrari‘s seven decades of esteem. The Art Edition, of which only 250 exists, is raised by a specially designed sculpture inspired by the 12-cylinder engine in hand-bent, flared chromed steel.

For those who can’t get their hands on the hefty Art Edition, there is also a production of leather-bound ones, signed and numbered to a limited run of 1,947 copies. The hand stitched Collector’s Edition is implanted in the Ferrari motor–inspired aluminum case created by Newson, done in close collaboration alongside the Italian automakers.

Inside the collector’s book, readers can flip through beautifully curated and exclusive content from the Ferrari Archives, including unseen photographs and documents pertaining to the Ferrari’s rich brand legacy.

By luxuo