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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Emperador Humidor - Luxury Retail

Emperador Humidor

The Emperador Humidor Is Cigar Heaven

Attention to detail and extreme care may result in some of the world’s finest creations, that could easily charm any of us with outrageous and possibly unknown powers of seduction.

Imperiali Geneva might have reached this unique territory, unveiling an incredible creation for cigar aficionados which seems to cross into the realm of artistic beauty. Called Emperador Humidor, this jaw-dropping cigar chest is, simply put – perfect – which might explain the staggering price-tag it comes associated with.

You see, future owners of one of these beauties would need to tap in their personalized code before this magical chest opens up and reveals a stunning tourbillon timepiece. Made up of 323 moving parts, this bespoke timepiece is joined by dials that record the temperature and humidity levels inside the cigar box, while you prepare yourself to droll over 24 Grand Cru cigars.

Each and every one of these precious cigars comes wrapped in gold leafs and was aged for exactly 48 months. There are more surprises to focus on, however, as a small button at the front reveals a hidden laser guided cigar cutter, a desktop cigar lighter, and a lovely motion sensing ashtray.

By luxatic