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Luxury Retail | April 13, 2024

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Dom Perignon Limited Edition - Luxury Retail

Dom Perignon Limited Edition

Dom Perignon Launches Limited Edition Wine in Collaboration with Iris van Herpen

Dom Perignon has announced a new creative collaboration with world-renowned fashion designer Iris van Herpen for a new limited edition champagne called Dom Perignon Metamorphosis.

Artistic Luxury

This limited edition wine is in celebration of the Second Plenitude of the Dom Perignon Vintage 2004, thereby marking the end of its First Plenitude. The one-of-a-kind limited edition box has been audaciously designed by van Herpen to represent.


The Metamorphosis

The dark green case envelopes the limited edition champagne bottle in a shroud of mystery. The term Metamorphosis was chosen as it represents the transition made by Dom Perignon throughout its history. The brand has always striven to reinvent itself through the ages – a spiritual legacy it is immensely proud of. Therefore, it selectively chooses when to rise again with a new vintage.

Bursting with energy, the new design by van Herpen comes alive in a new avatar that stays true to the legacy of the luxury brand.

By luxpresso