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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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DNA into pieces of jewelry - Luxury Retail

DNA into pieces of jewelry

Immortalize the DNA of your loved ones in diamonds

Diamonds are forever, they say. What better way to immortalize a part of you in this forever material? Identity Inside is a Swiss company that encourages you to infuse your DNA into pieces of jewelry. You fossilized DNA will then sail through generations and stay closed and protected within a 0.02 ct diamond. The DNA within the jewelry is currently available in three forms, an Identity Inside ring that measures 5 mm or 4 mm), a ring with the diamond on the outside, and a rose gold pendant.


The DNA is collected from people by means of a buccal swab. By fossilizing the DNA into glass, a white powder is derived, which protects the DNA. The jewelry is fashioned in such a manner that the DNA can later be extracted for analysis or to be used in a legal procedure, which could well land some people a fortune and an unfortunate few, a prison cell.

The company said, ‘In 2012 we have developed a method to generate synthetic fossils: materials, in which DNA is safeguarded just as well as in ancient fossils. We can now use this patent pending technology to fossilize human DNA in our laboratory’.

By luxurylaunches