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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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Bvlgari Opera Prima - Luxury Retail

Bvlgari Opera Prima

Bvlgari celebrates its 130th anniversary with Opera Prima

The Opera Prima, an elegant chypre essence with radiant and feminine notes, is a unique collaboration between two masters of Italian craftsmanship: Bvlgari and Venini.

A new limited edition fragrance and collector bottle

The sculptural bottle, created by the master glassmakers, evokes the ancient Roman amphora which held precious stones, spices and floral essences. Dazzling in its vivid combination of colours, and embellished with approximately 250 carats of citrine, more than 25 carats of diamonds and over 4.45 carats of amethyst cleverly set in yellow gold, the bottle features a sheet of gold that is melted between different layers of glass. The fragrance, created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, recalls the essences of the Mediterranean with its notes of citron, lemon and orange flower.


The collector’s boxed set is a true homage to the Italian savoir-faire, coated in gold leaf and boasting 250 carats of citrine, 4.45 carats of amethyst and 25 carats of diamond. And the contents of this jewel of a flacon are worth an incredible €200,000.

A veritable work of art, this precious object will be available in Galeries Lafayette from August.