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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Bentley has opened its largest showroom - Luxury Retail

Dubai loves its Bentleys, the essence of British luxury

A 75,000 sq ft, six-floored showroom is located on the emirate’s prime stretch – the Sheikh Zayed Road. It is so exclusive, that it sounds like a fun place to hang out for the region’s well-heeled.

There is a VIP Majlis suite, a roof garden, a personal commissioning space and specialised water feature with number plate recognition. The water features is also a world premiere – becoming the world’s first Aqua Graphic Water Curtain. This feature also welcomes ‘regular’ Bentley customers to its premises.

“Let’s meet at Bentley. We can pick up a cup of coffee, and a couple of Bentleys to go with it. Ciao!” – imaginary phone conversation between two Bentley regulars.

Bentley Emirates has a stunning ‘luminary façade’ that uses 160,000 LED lights and projects a range of colours which includes all Bentley car colours and streams live video footages of the car’s signature design elements and opulent interiors. The store is set up by the brand’s exclusive retail partners in the UAE, Al Habtoor Motors. There is a room called the Mullner Room where you can sit with experts to help you personalise your car. It offers a palette of more than 100 colours to choose from, as well as exhibits some ‘unique features’ commissioned by Bentley owners in the past. It is like a Bentley artelier, with an attached gallery space.

Of the six, three floors will be the display area which will showcase the full range of Bentley cars from the brand’s four model lines — Continental, Flying Spur, Mulsanne and the new Bentayga.

By luxurylaunches