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Luxury Retail | May 29, 2024

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"Armonia Limited Edition" by Baldi - Luxury Retail

“Armonia Limited Edition” by Baldi

Renaissance inspired gold plated décor from Baldi, takes these Steinway & Sons pianos to the next level

In collaboration with Baldi Home Jewels, Steinway and Sons have launched the undeniably opulent “Armonia Limited Edition by Baldi”. The piano is distinguishable by the elaborate gold plated and jewel encrusted details that feature prominently on its legs and sides. Baldi reached into their extensive archives to find inspiration for this project and have created not one, but five different piano designs featuring melodious names like






Customers can choose between different bronze applications, but each design is limited to just ten grand pianos.

The resplendent Armonia pianos are also available in self-playing styles equipped with Steinway SPIRIO, the world’s finest player piano system. Use your iPad to bring the glorious music of the world’s greatest Steinway Artists to your piano at home.

By luxurylaunches