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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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“A holiday haven at Hermès” - Luxury Retail

Hermès takes sled ride to Paris in holiday short

French leather goods maker Hermès is explaining how its orange boxes end up under the tree in a North Pole adventure.

In what looks like hand-drawn animation, the label recounts the tale of a reindeer’s trip with his woodland companions from Santa’s workshop to Paris’ left bank on Christmas Eve to deliver a sled full of presents. While not a traditional craftsmanship film, this video communicates the effort put forth by Hermès to craft.

North Pole to Paris

Set to Louis Armstrong’s “Cheek to Cheek,” the short opens when the reindeer is jostled awake by his alarm clock on Dec. 24. He goes downstairs and is seen packing an orange box, which stands out from the otherwise black-and-white animation.


With a sled full of boxes, the reindeer goes to get his friends—a furry companion and a Christmas tree—and together the trio sets off for Paris.
They cross water in a boat, encounter a snowstorm, trudge up a mountain and take a bumpy ride down a slope before arriving at the French capital.

After trying unsuccessfully to hail a cab, they pile into a horse-drawn carriage and ride to Hermès’ boutique. Here, the tree and presents remain in the window, bringing holiday cheer to passersby.

In previous years, Hermès has given traditional holiday stories a new branded appeal. In 2014, the house gave Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer a spin with a short social video that kept with the brand’s traditional motifs.

Equestrian ties are seen as a horse gains antlers and a red ornament for a nose, while the brand’s red scarf provides the magic to fly. Consumers will likely respond well to this traditional story receiving a Hermès twist.

By luxurydaily