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Luxury Retail | May 21, 2024

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Perfumed ‘Baguette’ by Fendi - Luxury Retail

Perfumed ‘Baguette’ by Fendi

Fendi and Francis Kurkdjian bake the perfumed ‘Baguette’

The Italian fashion company has launched a limited edition of its iconic bag, Baguette, in collaboration with the Armenian perfumer.

The bag is perfumed and its leather scent lasts for three years

Fendi has launched a limited edition of its iconic bag Baguette in collaboration with the Armenian perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The bag is perfumed with the fragrance Fendi Frenesia, which is known for its leather and musk smell. The scent lasts in the bag for three years and resembles the smell of hide Selleria, the soft and granulated leather used to make the bag.

In 2014, Francis Kurkdjian started to perfume leather, which is the technique he used to create the perfume. After various try-outs, the perfumer obtained a smell that conserves through an internal structure of leather and allows the scent to last for three years.

The bag comes with a 5ml flask that contains the fragrance. Users can also spray the perfume onto the bag to make the smell last longer. Fendi Frenesia is sold inside a mini Baguette bag that costs 450 euros (502 dollars) and can be purchased on the company’s online store.

Only twenty bags from the limited edition came out and these were sold at the Fendi store in Miami during the Miami Art Basel. Each bag has a white stain, which represents the scent of the bag.

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