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Luxury Retail | May 25, 2024

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1 Month Perfection Eye - Luxury Retail

1 Month Perfection Eye

Être Belle Cosmetics, a German brand founded three ex and present decade ago in sixty countries, has just introduced a revolutionary set for around the eyes belonging to your online Hyaluronic Triple Effect. To combat the problem of bags, dark circles, crow’s feet and sagging enough not only moisturize, but you have to treat the area around the eyes with specific formulas. The latter is incorporated in the cosmetic light therapy and microvibration for the active ingredients of our creams to penetrate deep within the skin.

1 Month Eye Perfection is applied in two steps, every fourteen days

Each phase consists of a concentrated serum that we cosmetic combined with phototherapy and microvibration. Those responsible for the brand by securing it with this innovative concept application get visible results within a month.

The first 14 days of treatment the serum “re-fill” applied in the morning and evening. This serum for the eye area from marine plankton, Persian silk tree complex of hyaluronic acid and collagen smoothes and fills wrinkles immediately. Follow with the red LED light on the eye contour, from inside the eye to the temples for 15 seconds contour. The light therapy activates the metabolism and facilitates the active ingredients penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin activating collagen structure and recovering reserves moisturizing skin.

The second half of the treatment we must apply the serum “Re-Structure” morning and night. This intensive regenerating serum effectively reduces wrinkles. The marine active ingredients stimulate cell regeneration and deep hydration activated. Plant extracts of crocus and Persian silk tree have redensificante effect on the delicate skin around the eyes. After applying the serum “Re-Structure” apply the combination of light therapy and microvibration which activates the metabolism heading inside the eye to the temple. Additional microvibration smoothes the skin tissue, thus achieving improved elimination of standing water and impurities.Applies supporting the LED light on the skin around the eye. That same light, lean, also vibrates.

After treatment the eyelids have a smoothing look while dark circles and bags are much less visible.