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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Trinity Cartier Sunglasses - Luxury Retail

Trinity Cartier Sunglasses

Gear Up for Summer with Trinity de Cartier Sunglasses

This summer the brand presents a new range of sunglasses – Trinity de Cartier.

Known for fine jewellery and timepieces, Cartier has added a luxe touch to various fashion essentials in the past. The Trinity de Cartier range of sunglasses is a definition of elegance and style. The refined and feminine glasses draw inspiration from the three interlocked rings of Cartier Trinity design. It sure would make for a great pick on a tropical vacation.

Our personal favourite from the range is the purple composite piece that has hand-polished arms with vibrant brilliance and gold and palladium finishes. It showcases the expertise of the Cartier Maison’s craftsmen. With a hint of sparkle, the glasses flaunt detailing on the temple.

Handcrafted in Italy, these sunglasses are available at Cartier boutiques and brands via prior appointment only.

By luxpresso