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Luxury Retail | April 20, 2024

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The Eye of God - Luxury Retail

The Eye of God

After a long process of research and finding the best and most exclusive references mezcal – an ancient drink, distilled from the agave plant – Mezcal Point MX Lab presents a collection of pre-Hispanic distilled mezcal and unique in Europe.

Five unique bottles in the world of prehistoric mezcales

“The Eye of God ” is a limited edition of five unique bottles in the world made ??with agave or maguey Tepeztate – assorted 30 years of age. Each bottle is a work of art handmade by local craftsmen, and blessed by a Huichol shaman or maracame.


Mezcal is distilled with the largest biological, cultural and ethnic diversity. From a total of two hundred and ten species of agaves, Mexico has one hundred nineteen are endemic. All of them occur only in Mexico under different names, plants and processes.

Officers mezcal producing states are Guerrero, Oaxaca, Durango, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. For the production of fermented and distilled in prehispanic Mexico , are used to 39 species of agaves . Among the best known are the tequila , mezcal , the Sotol , bacanora and pulque.

Mezcal is the only drink the world dry-aged born. Unlike other distillates , based on seeds or grains harvested twice a year , slow to mature maguey from seven to thirty and five years for power to be cultivated. Therefore, the best artisanal mezcal are signed by their teacher mezcalero flavor and aroma.

Top agaves

Agave Espadín (Angustifolia)
Agave Cuixe, Madrecuixe, Tobaziche, Barril, Cirial (Karwinskii)
Agave Mexicano (Rhodacantha)
Agave Arroqueño (Americana var. Oaxaquensis)
Agave Tepeztate (Marmorata)

El Mezcal Point MX Lab is the first and only mezcalería in Europe able to offer a capsule collection made ??from sustainable wild mezcal. Furthermore, by working directly with teachers mezcaleros region of Oaxaca in Mexico, responsible for the brand are sure that they respect the techniques and traditions of mezcal : Real Matlatl, Rey Campero, El Jolgorio, Mezcales de Leyenda o Agave de Cortés.