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Luxury Retail | April 13, 2024

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"Signature Chanel" - Luxury Retail

“Signature Chanel”

Signature Chanel, Chanel fine jewelry collection in 2016

In parallel Haute Couture fashion shows, large houses joaillères took the opportunity to unveil their collections of fine jewelery making the Place Vendôme in Paris a wonderful place offering to a select few which I am one for several seasons now, access to fabulous jewels.

A little history

In 2015 Coco Chanel had Crush, a jewelry line dedicated to the quilted pattern. We can see from this high jewelery collection “Signature Chanel” the ultimate in development and most valuable of the famous Chanel pattern. This quilted pattern has long accompanied Gabrielle Chanel, it was inspired by the equestrian world dear to Coco. Yes it is this graphic and textile visible on the jackets worn by the lads on the racetrack. Become an inseparable and indispensable to the creative world of Mademoiselle Chanel. Through its interlocking seams it provides the technical advantage of being deformable. He allowed Gabrielle Chanel to use flexible materials like jersey, lamb or silk to give body, volume and held at the iconic 2.55 bag.


Under the apparent simplicity of these elegant and beautiful lines hides the complexity of the work of master craftsmen jewelers to offer all the fluidity and freedom that Gabrielle claimed for his silhouettes. The pace, the Chanel style, always. The geometry of the forty-eight rooms, designed by the Creative Studio Haute Joaillerie Chanel as a variation on the quilted pattern, pays tribute to that inspiration. As evidence, all those graphics and refined ornaments, expressing the purity of their lines, perfection in simplicity that characterizes Chanel style.

Jewelry collection

In fine jewelry to consider the apparent simplicity of a room because often hides a surprising complexity, give movement, the holding of grace, transparency, lightness in the seams in the lines, Chanel jewelery you master all these elements to make them serve this quilted pattern. It is made up of curves and volumes and lends itself to the most varied combinations. Multiplied, it spins its web on the entire surface of the jewel to turn it into a tactile material. Fluids, parts of the collection “Chanel signature” follow the movements of the body. Sensual and flexible, they wrap around the neck, wrist or finger in the image of the amazing band “Ultimate Signature” diamonds and sapphires or undulate in a perfect marriage of colors and lights.

Highlighted by bursts of Riviera blue sapphire and aquamarine. Simple yet bright whiteness of the diamond or white gold. Other variations such as beads, gray pearl inlay and rock crystal complete the collection around this same pattern.

As long as there are also precious stones and talent of the craftsmen jewelers to magnify every facet, Chanel will wish him renew endlessly creative mind of its High Jewellery.