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Luxury Retail | April 20, 2024

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"Roman Sorbet" by Bvlgari - Luxury Retail

“Roman Sorbet” by Bvlgari

Roman Sorbet Is Bvlgari’s Own Way Of Offering Sweets To The Sweet

The famous Italian jewelry house Bvlgari has designed a delightful collection to remind us all of the Italian concept of Dolce Vita. This spring’s Bvlgari-Bvlgari collection benefits from the presence of “Roman Sorbet” jewelry, showing off a sweet motif – in more ways than one.

Brilliant candy, brooches eskimo and horns with precious stones embedded in them, are just a simple example of what the famous brand imagined for this spring. Rings, pendants, and bracelets, made out of white and pink gold, show off sapphires, tsavorite garnets and amethysts, in the most vibrant of colors in an effort to seduce all ladies.

The origin of sorbet seems to be connected to pontifex Maximus Nero, who had slaves running through the mountains just to fulfill the whim of the Emperor. They were responsible with collecting snow and hurry back to the Emperor, before melting, so that he may enjoy his favorite dessert.

This was apparently the beginning of the famous and delicious Italian ice cream, with flakes mixed with fruit or berry juice. We won’t tell you exactly how sweet and tasty is this ice cream, but instead we’ll let you realize that the Bvlgari Roman Sorbet jewelry pieces are way beyond dessert; they are the main and only course.

By luxatic