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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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New Morgan motor company models for 110TH anniversary

Morgan Motor Company has officially announced the first of many celebrations as part of its 110th anniversary.

They’re kicking it off with a lineup of new models to commemorate the automaker’s more than a century of existence.

Each model bears unique badging denoting their significance as 110th anniversary editions on top of performance and styling options that the Morgan Motor Company added at no extra cost.

At the moment, the company builds the Plus 4, 4/4, Roadster, and the 3 Wheeler. All of them will get the aforementioned 110th anniversary editions. As for the special add-ons, the Plus 4 and Roadster, for instance, each come with a revised front valance, leather bonnet straps, and a rear-exit sports exhaust.

As for the cabin, you have a choice between a leather or wood-rimmed Moto-Lita steering wheel. You also get performance Yarwood leather performance seats. Moreover, you can choose to have the 110th Anniversary logo applied to the headrest in either contrasting or matching stitching.

As for the 3 Wheeler, customers can pair any solid exterior color with a set of black roll hoops, black exhaust heat shields, and a body color-matched engine cowl. As with the other models, the interiors also come with special treatment. You’ll find quilted leather stitching, storage pockets, and a special mohair tonneau cover to keep things posh and classy.

Again, you can avail all these additional items at no extra cost. The Plus 4 begins at around $58,000, the Roadster $72,000, and the 3 Wheeler nearly $52,000. The extras mentioned above, according to the Morgan Motor Company, are valued up to $11,000.

By mensgear