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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Louboutin, “Who Killed Amazoula? - Luxury Retail

Louboutin, “Who Killed Amazoula?

Louboutin believes in films to introduce its new collection Amazoula

Christian Louboutin was inspired by the detective films to show his latest collection for the summer season.

Footwear and accessories label Christian Louboutin is building intrigue around its spring collection with a murderous plot.

Turning consumers into the detectives themselves, “Who Killed Amazoula?” tells the tale of a glamorous Parisian’s demise as it follows those attempting to solve the mystery of her death. Throughout the short, Christian Louboutin is able to naturally show off its spring/summer 2016 collection as the gumshoes gather evidence in the victim’s apartment.

“The element of intrigue in the Christian Louboutin campaign is designed to spark conversation and engagement on social media,” said Juliet Carnoy, marketing manager at Pixlee, San Francisco. “It’s a creative way of showcasing the detail of it’s shoes and accessories.”

Looks could kill

Who killed Amazoula? Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection harbors a mystery; will you help us crack the case? Start your investigation on