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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Limited edition Beats studio headphones - Luxury Retail

Beats has taken us by surprise with their new collaboration with New York based architecture firm – Snarkitecture. Going the minimalist route, the product of this collaboration is a limited edition headset that is pure white with a matte texture and noticeably reduced branding to create a clean, monotone feel. The headphones are “stripped of familiar colors and textures” and presented in their purest most abstract form.

Snarkitecture creates marble pillow for limited edition beats studio headphones

Your stripped-to-skin headset is presented on a softly crinkled, snow white pillow that perfectly takes the shape of the headset. But here’s the thing, in a cool new plot twist, the “pillow” is not a pillow at all! It’s in fact a base made of cast marble, perfectly crafted to resemble a well-used pillow. It ties in perfectly with the minimal look and feel of the headset and together the set would make the perfect décor piece for your living or music room.

The limited edition headset features adaptive noise canceling, a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and remotetalk, eliminating all familiar colors and logos, to be reduced to its purest form. Appearing as a soft form molded by the weight of the headphones, the impression remains fixed when they are removed as the folds and indentations are cast from white marble, creating a moment frozen in time.