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Luxury Retail | May 19, 2024

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Hermès Allegro Saddle for equestrian - Luxury Retail

Hermès Allegro Saddle for equestrian

Hermès Allegro Saddle Offers Ultimate Balance To The Equestrian

Those interested in equestrianism in style can opt to settle for the newest Hermès Allegro Saddle. 

A descendant of the Steinkraus and developed with Hermès partner riders Pilar Lucrecia Cordon, Lillie Keenan and Daniel Bluman, the Hermès Allegro saddle offers the ultimate forward balance enabling the rider to accompany the horse’s every movement.
Ideally designed to support the two-point position characteristic of North American riding, it is suited for horse riders who like to be out of the saddle when jumping.

The flat calfskin seat with cowhide flaps comes with customizable forward position featuring flexible injected stuffing.

Its flared concave shape provides full range of motion for shoulders and maximizes weight-bearing surface, while wide gullet is idea for perfect range of motion of the back.

Starting from $7250, each Hermès Allegro Saddle can be custom-designed and adjusted to fit both horse and rider.

By pursuitist