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Luxury Retail | May 20, 2024

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"The Floating Venice", Dubai - Luxury Retail

“The Floating Venice”, Dubai

First underwater luxury vessel resort that is coming up in Dubai

Dubai is quickly earning a reputation as the city of firsts as it is now set to become the home of the world’s first Underwater Luxury Vessel Resort.

Dubbed the Floating Venice, the project is the work of the Kleindienst Group and is valued at US$ 680 million. Located in The World islands and with a capacity for 3000 guests, this resort will include accommodation, restaurants and recreation spanning four decks- one of which will be underwater.

Piazza San Marco from where you can go to the underwater lobby to check-in. You will travel to your room via a gondola imported from Venice. If you’re not feeling up for a boat ride, you can always take a short stroll through canal side walkways and bridges instead.

414 cabins spread over four decks will give guests an unparalleled vacation experience. But while most hotels have a penthouse or Presidential Suite on the top floor, this resort’s trump card is hidden away at the very bottom.

One underwater cabin is available for guests who want a truly memorable holiday. This cabin will offer views of coral reefs as well as (and less thrillingly) the undersides of passing gondolas.

Guests can also enjoy the 12 floating beaches, boutique shops, 12 restaurants and bars (three will be underwater) as well as the world’s first underwater spa. Some of the 24 pools will have acrylic bases providing a look at the coral reefs below.

By luxurylaunches