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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Cartier Winter Tale 2013 - Luxury Retail

Cartier presents the fourth edition of their winter series Winter Tale

Another year, Cartier , has returned to resort to ocelot cub, who gave such good results in past seasons only, this time in cartoon form.

Those responsible for the firm commissioned the making of this short French agency Requins A Gang , led by the great Eric Bergeson Bibo has paid special attention to include in this little work of art all the inherent DNA codes from this brand luxury jewelry.

Witness the traditional gift-giving on a very 20s Paris under the snow,
the starting point, the legendary Place Vendôme, ‘home’ of the French maison and ‘ hub ‘ of bursting from a neat style to the millimeter the gift is for each household member buttons. And this spot, besides making us dream for almost a minute and a half, perfectly represents the retail and precious Cartier philosophy.

A story that takes us to a magical world full of dreamy splendor reflecting masterfully classic Christmas atmosphere , coupled with the spirit of the luxury jewelry brand.