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Luxury Retail | June 19, 2024

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Bentley Golf Collection - Luxury Retail

Bentley Golf Collection

Bentley Releases Customizable Golf Collection

Bentley Motors recently launched a collection of golf clubs and accessories at the PGA Merchandise Show.

Like their luxury cars, these irons are anything but average. Ranging in price from £300 ($433) for the BH1 Hybrid to £2,500 ($3,615) for the BC1 Cavity and BB1 Blade Irons, the entire eight-iron set runs around $3,500.

Buyers will be able to add various options, like alligator skin grips or colors that perfectly match the interiors of their Bentleys. The company is working with Japan-based Seven Dreamers for custom shaft options, which could easily add an additional $120,000 to the price of each club. Before you think this collection is only about looks, Bentley Golf clubs promise to perform well too and are made with one piece of Japanese carbon steel.

The company also offers plenty of accessories, like $722 ball markers and pitch forks, as well as a $3,606 tour bag.

By justluxe